Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring, change and tulips

Because it is Spring (finally in NYC), the theme of change comes up for me. It's come up in several different ways in the last few weeks. One big change for me is that I will be going back to school! HOOOOEMMMMGEEE. That's weird for me because it's been a long time. I'm already feeling anxiety about how I'll be juggling things in my schedule! But also the good anxiety in which I'm excited and anticipating.

Another change theme that seems to keep coming up is the idea of changing yourself for someone. I always hear people say "don't change for someone" which I think depends on the situation. I think its all good to change or compromise if you find it better for all parties to co-exist better, but to straight up change without checking in with yourself is a whole 'nother story. Then there is the idea that when someone becomes imposing and you have to work around them. I hate those situations because it is usually a situation in which there isn't much that you can do to change the environment and so you have to put up with a certain amount of catering to said imposing person in which ultimately, you change in order to make them feel better about their insecurities. And then there is the situation where someone is so rude that you want to be rude or nasty right back to them..but then you stop and realize...that's not me, I can't let this rude nasty person change the way I would normally act.

Next time you are stuck in one of these situations in which you don't want to change for someone else...after thoughtful meditation and consideration if you still feel stuck or trapped, image you're in Triangle Pose and you're trying to stack your hips and shoulders. You know when the instructor tells you to imagine you're trying to fit between two narrow walls or panes of glass? Be a nice Triangular place. It is what it is and you find away to make it work some how.

Stop NYC, and take in those tulips! University Pl.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leave my Savasana alone! Part 2

I take a lot of early morning Yoga classes, sometimes at a gym. Because its not a traditional Yoga environment, people who have to rush to work and beat long shower lines in the locker room will skip savasana and leave early. This, I totally understand but find problematic. Because while we are all about to prepare for savasana...they are shuffling, slamming closet doors, knocking over bottles of water. I know I should be using my mental paint over method here which does work! I suppose I just feel inconvenienced for having to do it on a routine basis. There is something to be said about yoga and awareness or mindfulness. Maybe there can be some quiet tip toeing and if people could skip some of the closing poses and do their own savasana they might be a lil calmer and quieter when leaving the room.

Which brings me to a totally unrelated note. I visited this really lovely studio recently called Yoga Maya. I encourage people to take advantage this month because they along with Lululemon are offerring free Saturday morning classes at 9am. They are only an hour long and you're mat to mat crowded but it was truly an amazing class when I went. The instructor played this tiny organ like instrument during the opening of the class which made our OM's sound musical. It made my voice sound not so horrible. And the unison of everyone's Om's truly vibrated throughout the space.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Leave my Savasana alone!

Lay flat on your back. Let your feet splay open and lay your arms by your sides, palms facing up. Release all your muscles into the mat. With every exhale feel each muscle relax and melt into the floor.

Savasana is one of the most important poses in your yoga practice. It gives the body a chance to process what its been through. Intense backbends, hamstring stretches, chattarungas, what have you. I feel its important to allow the body its quiet time and also its recovery from the practice itself. I took a class this weekend with a great instructor, but then she talked through my entire savasana! I know that some instructors like to walk you through the relaxation process for example calling out different body parts to relax, however I prefer a quiet savasana. I am not going to reach a meditative state if someone is talking through and giving me instructions. I am not likely to be able to clear my mind if someone is instructing me about how one should clear their mind.

So this post is not about how I hate these type of instructors..because everyone's practice is different and this is not the kind of savasana I prefer. The tool I use when I am having trouble clearing my mind from the noises around me in savasana whether its the instructor talking, sounds from outside the window, sirens and loud elevators, the music that's playing that I'm totally judging and not liking or just my inner self wanting to twitch and wiggle. I picture the scene of the noise and a bucket of either black or white paint. With every exhale I take I imagine part of that picture being painted over with the paint into blankness. Its my way of clearing it all out and saying quietly to myself, "leave my savasasna alone!"