Monday, April 11, 2011

Leave my Savasana alone!

Lay flat on your back. Let your feet splay open and lay your arms by your sides, palms facing up. Release all your muscles into the mat. With every exhale feel each muscle relax and melt into the floor.

Savasana is one of the most important poses in your yoga practice. It gives the body a chance to process what its been through. Intense backbends, hamstring stretches, chattarungas, what have you. I feel its important to allow the body its quiet time and also its recovery from the practice itself. I took a class this weekend with a great instructor, but then she talked through my entire savasana! I know that some instructors like to walk you through the relaxation process for example calling out different body parts to relax, however I prefer a quiet savasana. I am not going to reach a meditative state if someone is talking through and giving me instructions. I am not likely to be able to clear my mind if someone is instructing me about how one should clear their mind.

So this post is not about how I hate these type of instructors..because everyone's practice is different and this is not the kind of savasana I prefer. The tool I use when I am having trouble clearing my mind from the noises around me in savasana whether its the instructor talking, sounds from outside the window, sirens and loud elevators, the music that's playing that I'm totally judging and not liking or just my inner self wanting to twitch and wiggle. I picture the scene of the noise and a bucket of either black or white paint. With every exhale I take I imagine part of that picture being painted over with the paint into blankness. Its my way of clearing it all out and saying quietly to myself, "leave my savasasna alone!"

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