Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Leave-It-At-Home Practice.

Have you ever left your cell phone at home by accident? The panic hits when you realize it and you feel that drop in your chest. Sometimes I get pissed and most of the time I just live with it...because its actually no big. You continue to go about your day and there is something refreshing about not having to check your phone for texts, emails or even the time. I go about my day with no agenda but what's in front of me. Being so honestly, present.

On a normal day to day this is what I carry around in my purse with me.
(2 sets of flash cards, a book, a wallet, change purse, keys, flash drive, ipod, bottle of alleve, combination lock and lip balm.)

It is absolutely ridiculous, no? Add in sunglasses and a sigg bottle and that's not including my enormous cellphone which I used to take this photo. So I have this practice in which I try to not walk around without ALL my stuff. I am a New Yorker, so don't get me wrong -this is difficult...but when I am going to Yoga class early in the morning I leave my cellphone behind. Sometimes a random lunchtime stroll without the cellphone feels totally amazing. I go for runs with nothing but my door key and ipod. Its complete and utter "me" time. Whatever it is that is happening on the cellphone and email can wait! How else did we used to go about our lives in the 90's right? We still made it...and we can do it now. Or at least practice it even for just an hour. So practice leaving "it" whatever that may be...your purse, man purse, ipad, crackberry, iphone or cellphone. You can survive without it, trust me.

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