Monday, September 12, 2011

You can always go deeper

What I've learned from my Yoga teacher is, no matter how long you've been practicing, or how far you think you've can always go deeper.

I worked for about a year to get my first pigeon half bind and then another year to get full pigeon. I didn't think there was anything after that and have been comfortably struggling to get my full pigeon better. Last week upon my return from vacation I was surprised when my teacher told me to go deeper. I am sitting there already shaking from being out of practice for 2 weeks and just barely holding a full pigeon. I didn't even know what deeper meant.

Behold, the pigeon choke hold. What is it called in sanskrit? I have no this a real pose or did my teacher come up with this to torture us? This could be the case...Today in class in this particular pose I actually brought my elbow all the way down to my chest. It feels pretty insane. Break down of getting into pigeon, full pigeon and choke hold pigeon will be coming soon! :)

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