Monday, January 10, 2011

Hmmmm Bikram Yoga....hmmmm.

OK I can't really say too much about Bikram Yoga since I've only taken 2 classes, but I do NOT love it. I am doing a 1 month trial with it and I find myself feeling like...what I would think it would be like to be in a sweat lodge! OK so what must a sweat lodge feel like? Forget it! I normally love camel pose bc I am so back bendy but that is the point in the series where I start to feel so UGH I have to skip it! I start getting the feeling I'm stuck in a bed burrito with a 103 fever. Happened at the same time in both classes!

I much prefer Hot Yoga with Vinyasas and wood floors and no one telling me when I can drink water. After my month of Bikram I will be doing an official Bikram Vs. Hot Yoga post according to me. And I will actually take more than the 2 classes I've taken. I do have a few friends who love it and have suggested to me to keep sticking to it and I will eventually like it too, so I'm remaining open to it.

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