Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birds of Paradise.

I took a great yoga class the other day and its been a while since I practiced in a crowded room. We did Bird of Paradise pose in class and what irritates me about it is...well 1. its a balancing pose. Anytime I have to balance on one foot its a problem! Especially my left foot. 2. My quads and my hamstrings prevent me for extending my legs because they are just too tight. In this pose, getting the bind is the easiest part. Balancing on one foot, ugh..ok I can get there sometimes on a good days..then extending that leg out? its not happening! Either way...its such a lovely pose once you can do it in its full expression. 

Here are 2 different ways I like getting into Bird of Paradise.
1. Come into side angle pose with the right hand planted on the inside of the right foot. Open the shoulders a lot and then bind.
2. Walk the left foot in towards the front of the mat about 1 foot, then turn the right foot in to make it parallel to the left. 
3. Now walk the right foot closer to the left so they are about hip's width. 
4. Shift weight to the left leg and slowly lift the right leg
5. If you don't have tight hamstrings and quads...extend the right leg. 

1. Come to a forward fold with feet hip distance apart.
2. Take the right arm under the right leg, left arm behind the back and bind
3. Shift your weight to the left leg and slowly lift the right.
4. Extend the right leg straight/

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