Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hot Yoga Vs. Bikram

So I just finished 2 weeks of practicing only Hot Vinyasa. It wasn't so bad. I still find any type of hot practice as something I will want to do once in a blue moon and never as a regular practice. I'm really curious about people who do this as a regular practice and whether or not they also have a regular not hot Yoga practice?

Why I prefer Hot Vinyasa over Bikram
• The room is not as boiling hot, so I don't feel like I'm suffocating or being cooked for dinner.
• The instructors don't bark pose commands at me but are much more gentle.
• The challenge isn't stay in a super hot crowded room with lots of sweaty people for 90 minutes..the challenge is to keep breathing.
• In Bikram you will get the same series over and over again in every class, Hot Yoga is more free flowing and each class will be different.
• Carpeted floors in Bikram, regular wood flooring in Hot Vinayasa (doesn't feel as gross but does call for more slippage)
• I feel the instructors can make an impact on their class more or less since they can change up the sequencing intuitively. Instructors can make an impact in class in Bikram as well but being the same series I feel its not as apparent.

Notes on any type of hot practice:
• Be EXTRA in tune with what your body wants and doesn't want.
• Skip poses when needed
• Drink water before class...even better -coconut water
• Drink water when you need to during class but don't O.D. bc it will affect some asanas like twists, binds and backbends.
• Breathe
• Use towels and be careful of slip and falls on the mat!
• Be careful of sweaty floors when you are walking out of class too!
• Not the type of practice you should push yourself too hard.
• Not recommended in the winter -the hot sauna like temperature will open up your pores and then when you got outside into the cold your body is open to sickness, wind and cold!

In conclusion, I enjoy the hot practice but not as a regular practice. Prana Power is a good studio if you want to try a hot class!

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