Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rush hour takes years off your life!

Ever since I stopped living a 9-5 life, though I am much poorer, I am much more mentally sane. Have you ever come in contact with that person who shoves you out of the way to get up or down subway stairs, or a crowded sidewalk only to find they are walking at the same speed as you. Or the person who plows into the subway before you've even had the chance to step off? Wait, have YOU ever been that person? Admit it! Cause that used to be me. I always thought I was going to be late and...I never was late. However, had I been late a minute or two...five minutes...I mean what was so important that I need to shove people aside for? When I stopped commuting during peak hours I realized how I had just given myself 10 more years of life!

Seriously, its amazing. I traveled on the subway today during rush hour, and watched as all these people piled into an already crowded train. Some people ran down the steps just catching the door to hold it open and squeeze in, then another 3 people did the same, and then another person. They were relieved to get on while 4 people on the train shook their heads and one person actually said "OH COME ON!" while the last person held the door. Watching this from the sidelines made me, its not that big of a deal to get on the one comes in 5 minutes, remember its rush hour? And if people want to hold the doors open to get on a train what's another 30 seconds of your life? Will it really kill you? I promise you it won't.

Next time you find yourself being the person who is shoving people aside OR the person who is pissed off that someone held a subway door to delay your life for 30 seconds...breathe. Because..its not that big of a deal!

If only we could get some MTA workers to do this in the mornings...

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