Sunday, August 8, 2010

Salutation Nation

I took a Yoga class Friday night taught my by very good friend at Prema Yoga in Brooklyn. She read an excerpt from the Yoga Sutras concerning togetherness. She talked about how many times your Yoga practice is a very personal thing. It is a time you take to focus on yourself, your breathing, your asana and not to think about what the person is doing next to you and/or if they're poses look better or worse, etc. but at the same time drawing attention to the fact that we are practicing together in the same studio, sharing the same breathe and going through the same asanas. It was a great class and it allowed me to focus my attention to being kind and thoughtful to others during my practice.

Going a long with the togetherness theme, Lululemon organized a community Yoga practice yesterday. Communities all over practiced outdoor, together at 9am. In NYC, it was in Bryant Park. There's something amazing about doing upward facing dog on your mat on top of some soft grass. Sun salutations looking up at the building surrounding the park. And the collective OMs.

So I invite you to take a moment to make a wish for the person sitting next to you at a restaurant, on the subway, in line at Whole Foods or in Yoga class. Sending a good thought out without expecting anything in return. 

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