Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yogaworks Soho and Inversions

Unfortunately I did not enjoy my Yogaworks trial as much as I wished I did. They have an amazing studio! The locker rooms are the nicest I've ever seen. Sauna, purified water, tea and free internet stations. 3 studios and tons of classes. Problem is, I was looking for early morning classes to take and their beginner level classes are way easy/beginner. OH WELL. Back to Atmananda for me.

Today I took class with a great instructor at Crunch gym. She is one of my favorites and coincidentally one of my other favorite instructors was taking class as well. I also dragged my friend who is here on vacay to take this class with me and assisted her into a headstand. There is something about helping people into inversions that make my day. I guess it gives me that feeling of the first time I was helped up into one. Even though it wasn't my friend's first time. Either way it just feels like one of those gestures that make you feel good all day.

Speaking of inversions, Atmananda is having inversion workshops! I think I might attend the intermediate level one. See info here.

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