Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Amazing things can happen

So today started out as any other ordinary rainy day in NYC. A lil depressing actually, but later in the afternoon the sun came out. I am not much of a sunshiny yogi type but humor me. So my dear friend was having an all around bad day and she came to the gym to meet me and our other friend. We ended up trying all these arm balances together for shiz and giggles and check out how we busted twin peacocks together! I only just got this today...and this was her first time too! I also taught her albatross which she did for the first time too. I feel like that is always a cool thing...to be there when a friend busts a pose for the first time, and then doing it together —EXTRA AWESOME! The moral of the story is...things can seem bad but doing Yoga with your friends is always amazing. Well, only if you're friends are as cool as mine.

And to top my fabulous night off, on my way home I found a street roda, sang a few songs and got to play a lil.

For tips on Mayurasana, see my last peacock post here.

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