Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Because its officially September!

Lately, I have been too sweaty in class to do Crow pose. Actually, I have been able to do it, but not so well, due to the slippage. But I thought I'd share my tips on the pose:
1. Bring your feet so that they are 1 foot length behind your wrists.
2. Come up onto the balls of your feet and align your knees to your arm pits
3. Engage bandhas. Or just engage your abs and feel the lift.
4. Look forward
5. Bring up one foot at a time, slowly
6. Bring toes together when you can balance and look forward.
YAY! Bhakasana!

I like to put a blanket in front of me so that I am less afraid to face plant. Also gives me a focus point and reminds me to look forward.
Having heels on, actually is a nifty trick, because it already brings you to the balls of your feet!
You are already lifted to align your knees into armpits. OK, so maybe you don't want to bring heels to yoga class... start standing on a block then.
Really engaging the abs or bandhas makes all the difference!

OH, yes, and breathe.

And now onto one of my least favorite poses. Shoulder stand. I might hate plow pose more...or it could be just that its leads to shoulder stand a lot of times. Anyways, I hate it! I feel all clausterphobic in my throat area and I get bored and anxious staying up there. Often times you will see me skip it in class and do supta baddakonasana instead. Nonetheless, I know I should do it, so I do.

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