Monday, November 8, 2010

My Firefly impression!

I guess with the cold and waking up to pitch darkness, there are less and less people showing up to 7am Yoga. I guess people are having the case of the Mondays. It IS my favorite Yoga class so I always get my butt out of bed to try to prevent coming down with the latter. Today, we went through titibhasana, firefly. OK this is not one of my beautiful poses. You know how certain poses just look beautiful and graceful when you're in them? I feel like people have those poses for themselves, the ones they can get into with ease and just look fabulous in. Titibhasana is not one of them for me. The thing about it is, I can wiggle my body into the pose, but it doesn't feel great and am quite sure it looks awkward. So, with the lack of attendance the instructor tells us to get into "titibhasana". In sanskrit it sounds even more confusing and a few people look around confused...he just points to me and what she's doing. OH great all eyes on my ugly looking firefly pose? I did my best and held it for about 5 quick seconds before getting out of it! OH the pressure. So now comes my description of how to get into Titibhasana.

1. Come to a Yogi squat. That is feet almost as wide as the mat. Hands in a prayer and elbows pressed against inner thighs/knees, bootie all the way down but not touching the floor. Back is very straight. Try to get your feet parallel. Hold for about 3 breathes.

2. Now place hands on the mat between the feet and raise the hips/bootie up to the ceiling in a forward bend, feet are still wide and knees are bent.

3. Here comes the weird part, which is more of a prep before the pose than anything. OK, so bend the knees a little more, bring your feet a lil wider than hip distance. Now you want to shuffle your shoulders under your thighs. I're saying...WTFORKS? OK bend the knees but keep raising the hips. Your shoulders are probably not going to actually go under the thighs but that's what we're reaching for. Mine don't! So most likely you'll get your upper arms under your thighs. Bring the hands to the bootie cheeks. Right hand on right cheek, left on left. Got it? Yeah this is uncomfy but try to stay there for 2-3 breaths.

4. Keep the shoulders/upper arms under your thighs, but start squatting down again, similar to step 1, but this time place your hands under each foot, fingers facing forward, keep your thighs on your arms, now they'll be on your triceps, if you can keep them on your shoulders...amazing! Walk your feet/toes forward in front of you, keep looking forward, pressing into the hands, use your bandhas!!! Engage your abs and slowly life one foot at a time.

5. Bend your elbows more to give your legs more of a surface to lay on. But if you're super flexible and your legs are on your shoulders...WOW, you can keep your arms straighter.

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