Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things that are not Yoga

So an update on my Aerial silks challenge...Saturday's lesson went well. I was able to climb much easier and hold myself onto the silks for like 3 seconds. Held myself enough to actually get this foot wrap:

And some info for Capoeirista's...Lululemon and Capoeira Brooklyn will have a free class tonight!

Capoeira Brooklyn and Lululemon are collaborating to offer two free one-hour introductory capoeira classes this week at Lululemon's Brooklyn Showroom, located at 472 Bergen Street.

tonight! Tues Oct 12: 7-8pm, Instrutora Rouxinol
           Thurs Oct 14: 7-8pm: Mestre Foca

SPACE IS LIMITED!  Please RSVP to brooklyn-store@lululemon.com

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